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Relationships Rule

It’s always about Relationships! Relationships build business. Relationships keep customers coming back. Great relationships foster referrals. It’s a great cycle that must never be taken for granted. On this podcast I share strategies for great Relationship Marketing & Relationship Management too. I interview business professionals who model this philosophy successfully. You are in the right place if you value your clients and want to know how to keep them happy, celebrate them and keep them coming back. Relationships Rule!

The Inspiring Show

Paul and Jennifer Henczel provide inspiring interviews with thought leaders, storytellers, entrepreneurs, influencers and legacy builders, just like you. Be motivated by stories and strategies about overcoming adversity, achieving astounding accomplishments and going on amazing adventures. Learn from experts about finding your voice, mastering your mindset and creating movements with your message. Tap into timeless wisdom and get tools for transcending to new levels of success, happiness and joy.

Parenting Our Future

Each one of my episodes is designed to help you navigate the difficult journey of parenting but in a way that is more peaceful and intentional. I’ll show you how to get your kids to listen and cooperate without yelling, punishments and rewards. I’ll show you how to understand your own feelings and those of your kids.

Secrets of Success with Dr. Ken Keis

Our show is on leadership, wellness, success strategies and inspiring stories. We serve leaders, business owners, professional developers who want to improve personally but be given tips, strategies and information to encourage, educate and inspire others.


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