The Place Where Canadian Podcasters & Their Listeners Come to Connect and Grow


The Canadian Podcast Network will provide Canadian podcasters a  portal to the world. By connecting virtually to the voices from around Canada, CPN will showcase some of Canada’s greatest talent and the industry’s best brands of music and infotainment. 


When deciding whether you should join a podcast network, you must examine the benefits you will receive from joining other podcasters in the network. Generally speaking, joining a podcast network should help your show grow faster. 


As an independent podcaster and becoming  a member of The Canadian Podcast Network, you will have unparalleled support for your professional or personal brand and telling your own unique story.


Allan is a real leader – drawing on a lifetime of experience making things happen. In a world where culture has become the terrain of passive consumption, Allan is one of the rare people who pull us all together to create culture. Thank you, Allan!


Mark Holland

President, Holland Planning Innovations Inc

Michelle is a wealth of knowledge on podcasting. She supported me in the launch of my podcast. I’m really happy with how her team helped me create, launch and market my podcast. Her expertise of online strategy is also so beneficial so that I could have a bigger vision for how my podcast fit into my business.

Diane Rolston

Life Coach/Podcast Host, Dynamic Women

Allan is a detailed, creative approachable professional. Consider yourself lucky…if you have the opportunity to work with Allan.




Tom Lucas

Owner, Tom Lucas Productions