When deciding whether you should join a podcast network, you must examine the benefits you will receive from joining other podcasters in the network. Generally speaking, joining a podcast network should help your show grow faster.

Below are some of the most common reasons that podcasters decide to join CPN: 

  • Networking opportunities
  • Revenue from podcast ads
  • Audience expansion
  • Marketing assistance
  • Ability to promote other podcasters and be promoted by others
  • Branding your podcast as one of a larger group of related show
  • Joining a team of like-minded podcast professionals

So, is it worth it? Does the strength-in-numbers theory actually pan out for most podcasters? As with most everything in life, what you get out of your podcast network depends to a large extent on the efforts that you put into it. Joining a podcast network doesn’t magically add zeros to your bank account, but many podcasters have found success when they invest their time and efforts into their networks.

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